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Mike Ross In His R22 Helicopter

Mike is from South Africa and now calls the U.S. his home away from home. He moved from his game ranch in South Africa to put down roots in the U.S. He has a dynamic personality and loves wildlife capture. Mike is a worldwide successful game capture helicopter pilot and has many years of experience and a vast knowledge in the Wildlife Industry. Having owned and operated his own Game Capture Company, Mike has caught almost every species of game that South Africa has to offer, using many different types of capture methods including chemical capture.
Having been exposed to various brands of darting equipment I undoubtedly prefer using DANINJECT equipment. I find it easy to use, durable, comfortable to carry in field, very effective out of helicopters and being a CO2 operated system it is extremely quiet. What makes this system stand out from other brands is that it has the ability to make short, low impact shots at close quarters and seconds later, with a quick adjustment of air pressure, longer shots effectively up to 60 yards or further.

“My crew and I have used DANINJECT equipment for over 15 years now. We continue to use this equipment in all aspects of chemical capture from darting out of helicopters, off quad bikes, out the back of pickups and on foot. We have also used this equipment during the heat of the African day and during the cold frosty African nights with absolutely no problems what so ever. We use DANINJECT equipment to immobilize and medicate animals in the field and in holding pens. As far as tranquilizing/sedating animals in transport vehicles, Dan-Inject is par none. Many of my associates both in Africa and here in the United States use DANINJECT with the same great results that we have.”

Mike Ross

DANINJECT equipment is used in Mike’s wildlife capture and care company, Helicopter Wildlife Services, here in Texas, throughout the U.S. and Southern Africa. .

DANINJECT equipment can be used by Game Capture Operators, Veterinarians, Wildlife Biologists, Zoo Keepers, Game and Deer Breeders, Wildlife Rehabilitators, Cattle Ranchers, Horse Breeders, Animal Problem Control Officers and by many other animal industries.