Los Clientes de DanInject Dart Guns son increibles!

We want to thank all of our clients for their continued support during this difficult time that has altered our lifestyles in ways we wouldn’t have imagined. You continue to amaze us with the work you all do and the conservation efforts  you work on. We love seeing your Instagram and Facebook posts and are always looking for a photo to share. Thank you for letting us supply you with the equipment you need to continue your work. We truly appreciate it.

DanInject too has been focusing on being the best product of it’s kind. In the past few months, new products have been developed to make it even better and safer. We are excited to bring these to you and there will be more to follow. In the meantime, the following products are now available:

The RPINSec is easily mounted on the rifle and the RPIN. Simply by unscrewing the barrel slightly at the back end and then sliding the biggest silicone ring over the barrel and screwing the barrel back on. That way it can be mounted to both sides depending on what the user prefers when handling the rifle. The small ring is just squeezed over the RPIN knob.

JM Rifle Breach Pin holder 

The needle cover securely fits over the top of the syringe holder for a safer handling of the jab stick when the needle is in place.

Jab stick needle cover

Jab Stick Needle Protector

We have a new model of needles (VIS) for quicker drug release. As shown in the photo, the port is larger on the one side. The port area is increased by 72% which will improve the flow significantly – especially for viscous drugs. Only one side is larger to avoid weakening the needle-tip.

We have a new option of Blowpipes with a detachable mouthpiece for ease of cleanliness.

SN1816 and SN1821 jab stick needles are 15 gauge in 3/4″ and 1″.

We now have a 3″ needle, sized between the N2060 and N2210.
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