Guía de Solución de Problemas


We have listed below the most common troubleshooting situations.

You may also download our trouble shooting PDF to print out and take on the field with you here: Troubleshooting Dan-Inject Equipment PDF

I can hear air leaking when I insert the CO2 cartridge.

Have you changed out the seal in the CO2 valve? The sealing gasket or O ring may need to be replaced. If using a16 gram cartridge, you would change out the sealing gasket. If using a 45 or 72 gram cartridge, you would change out the O ring.

I am trying to insert a large 45 or 72 gram cartridge and it will not thread all the way through.

Have you been using a smaller cartridge and now removed the grub screw? The grub screw is a reducer in the CO2 valve. It’s function is to accommodate the area for the small 16 gram cartridge, so that it fits securely when threaded in with the CO2 holder. The grub screw is not needed when using a larger 45 or 72 gram CO2 cartridge. You can remove the grub screw with the correct size flat head screwdriver or with our special Dan Inject T-Tool. If using a screwdriver, be careful not to damage the small perforating pin inside this area.

The drug is not expelling completely from the dart. Have you maintained the dart drug chamber with Dan Inject silicone oil?

The drug chamber plunger may be sticking. By lubricating the drug chamber with the silicone oil, the plunger will slide easier. You can see instructions on this on our website Learning Center.

Is your dart leaking?
Fill air chamber and place under water. If you see bubbles coming up, your dart has a leak due to use. It is unusable.

Is your dart deformed?
You may not see it, but the dart maybe warped. We recommended that you slide your dart through the end of the equipment barrel to check for deformation before each use. If it does not fit properly, it is deformed due to use. This dart is unusable.

Have you used the correct amount of air pressure in the dart air chamber?
Do not over load your dart with air. Use only the amount specified on the air chamber pressure chart.

Are you using a thick drug?
We recommend using the thicker gauged needle, 20 gauge, for thicker drugs.

The dart is not falling off of the darted animal.
An animal’s hair may have gotten pinched between the sleeve and the needle. This doesn’t occur often, but it has occurred and it will eventually fall out.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us with any questions.